China lost foam casting

Many of the advantages of the lost foam casting come from it without taking out the shape, but it is a lot of trouble. Due to the lost foam

casting is by the liquid metal will look like "disappear", the liquid metal instead of the original appearance of the space and forming, in

front of liquid metal, there is a complex physical, chemical reaction, heat transfer and mass transfer phenomena. Which include: In the

air gap of liquid metal, the heat transfer of high temperature liquid metal and coating, dry sand, and non gasification foam appearance,

and the heat transfer between the liquid metal and the coating, the convection and the radiation. There is a physical and chemical reaction

between the pyrolysis products (liquid or gaseous) and the metal liquid, coating and dry sand, and the mass transfer occurs; Because the

air pressure in the air gap is increased, and the thermal reaction of the shape of the shape of the metal liquid flow in the leading edge of

the metal flow, the flow of the metal liquid momentum transfer.

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