Aluminum Sand Casting

Aluminum Sand Casting

The History ofAluminum Sand Casting

Aluminum Sand casting is traditional casting process in China, it is major inventions of ancient China, it is important as China's four great inventions. The sandcast process originated in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, about 1600 years ago.

Our aluminum foundry is set up in 1995 year. First, we only have green sand casting process, then We built resin sand casting line in 2000 year. Now we have five production lines for large aluminum green sand casting jobs up to 500kg/piece and 30 platforms for smaller aluminum alloy castings. Meanwhile, we have one production line for resin sand casting . We are leading in China foundries in Shandong province. There is green sand casting process for sand casting manufacturer, but we have two process.

We make molds in our foundry and we have a good ability in sand casting mold design, It is difficult for many China sand casting factories. So if you have decision to cooperate with us, we must be a good sand casting supplier for you and your company.

Our cast aluminum products are exported America, Europe and Asia market, including auto components, furniture components, lighting components, pump valve components, architectural components and so on.

The Introduction : Sand Castings 

Sand casting is used to make large parts, suitable for Aluminum alloy, Iron, Steel and Brass metal. There are two techniques: green sand casting and resin sand casting. The sand cast molds are same for the two ways, their difference is only sand. Green sand is for green sand casting process, which is the most common used by foundries; resin sand is for resin sand casting process or making cores.
·The "green sand" consists of mixtures of sand, clay and moisture.
·The "resin sand" consists of sand and synthetic binders cured thermally or chemically
·The cores used for forming the inside shape of hollow parts of the casting are

 As usually, the material of sand casting moulds is wood, silica or aluminum alloy. If the aluminum part is small, the quantity is less and the structure of castings is easy, we make the casting parts by wood mold or silica mold, such as furniture components, architectural components; If the structure is complex, the aluminum product is very big, or the order will be continued several, we suggest to make thesand casting parts by aluminum alloy mold, such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, housing.

The sand mould is re-usable and permanent patterns, there are some pouring cups and risers on the moulds. How to set up the pouring cup and riser is the key in moulds design


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