Aluminum profile

Aluminum profile

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Aluminum bar, aluminum rod through hot melt, extrusion, resulting in different sections of aluminum materials. Aluminum production process mainly includes casting, extrusion and painting three processes. Among them, mainly including: color oxidation, electrophoresis coating, fluorine carbon coating, wood grain transfer process.
By use can be divided into the following categories:
1 building aluminum profiles (divided into two types of doors and windows and curtain wall).
2 radiator aluminum.
3. General industrial aluminum profiles: mainly used in industrial production and manufacturing use, such as automated machinery and equipment, a sealing cover of the skeleton and the custom mold according to the requirements of the mechanical equipment, such as assembly line conveyor belt, hoisting machine, glue machine, detection equipment, shelves and so on, electronic machinery industry and clean room used to the majority.
4, rail vehicle structure of aluminum alloy profiles: mainly used for rail vehicle body manufacturing.
5, mounting aluminum, fabricated Aluminum Alloy frame, framed in various exhibitions, decorative painting.
According to the alloy into a classification
Can be divided into 1024, 2011, 6063, 6061, 6082, 7075 alloy grade aluminum, among them 6 lines is the most common. Different grades of difference is that the ratio of various metal elements is not the same, in addition to the commonly used aluminum doors and windows profiles such as series 60 and 70 series, Series 80 and 90 series, curtain wall series, such as architectural aluminum profiles, types of industrial aluminum profiles, with no clear distinction, most of the production plant are in accordance with actual customer drawings processing.
Typical use of aluminum alloy of different grades
1050: food, chemical and brewing industry with extruded coil, all kinds of hose, fireworks powder
1060: the requirements of corrosion resistance and formability of the occasion, but the strength of the requirements is not high, chemical equipment is its typical use
1100: used for processing need to have good formability and high corrosion resistance but does not require high strength of parts, for example chemical products, the food industry device and storage container, pieces of sheet metal processing, deep drawing or spinning concave ware, welding parts, heat exchanger, printing plate, nameplate, reflective instruments
1145: packaging and insulation of aluminum foil, heat exchanger
1199: electrolytic capacitor foil, optical reflective deposition film
1350: wire, conductive wire, bus, transformer strip
2011: screw and mechanical processing products with good cutting performance.
2014: applied to the requirements of high strength and hardness (including high temperature) of the occasion. Aircraft heavy duty, forging, heavy plate and extrusion materials, wheels and structural elements, multi-stage rocket first stage fuel tank and spacecraft parts, truck frame and suspension system parts
2017: is the first industrial application of 2XXX series alloy, the current scope of application is narrow, mainly for rivets, general machinery parts, structure and transport of structural parts, propeller and accessories
2024: aircraft structure, rivets, missile components, truck wheels, propeller components and other structural parts
2036: automotive body sheet metal parts
2048: aerospace vehicle structural parts and weapons structure parts
2124: aerospace structural components
2218: aircraft engines and diesel engine piston, aircraft engine cylinder head, jet engine impeller and compressor ring
2219: space rocket welding oxidation tank, supersonic aircraft skin and structural parts, the operating temperature of -270~300 degrees celsius. Good welding performance, high fracture toughness and high resistance to stress corrosion cracking in T8 state.
2319: Welding pull 2219 alloy electrodes and filler
2618: Die Forging and free forging. Piston and aero engine parts
2A01: the working temperature is less than 100 degrees Celsius.
2A02: the working temperature of 200~300 degrees Celsius in the turbine jet engine of the axial compressor blade
2A06: the working temperature of 150~250 degrees Celsius aircraft structure and working temperature of 125~250 degrees Celsius aircraft structural rivets
2A10: the strength is higher than that of the 2A01 alloy, and used to make a working temperature less than 100 degrees Celsius.
2A11: medium intensity of aircraft structural parts, propeller blades, transportation tools and building structures. Medium strength bolts and rivets for aircraft
2A12 aircraft skin, compartment, wing rib, wing beam, rivet, etc., construction and transportation tool structure
2A14: free forging and die forging with complex shape
2A16: working temperature of 250~300 degrees Celsius aerospace aircraft parts, working at room temperature and high temperature of the welding container and airtight cabin
2A17: working temperature of 225~250 degrees Celsius aircraft parts
2A50: medium strength parts with complex shapes
2A60: aircraft engine compressor wheel, guide wheel, fan, impeller, etc.
2A70: aircraft skin, aircraft engine piston, guide wheel, disc, etc.
2A80: aero engine compressor blade, impeller, piston, ring up and other parts of the high operating temperature
2A90: aero engine piston
3003: used for processing need to have good formability, high corrosion resistance good welding parts, or require both the performance and the need to have higher strength than the 1xxx alloys, such as kitchen utensils, food and chemical products processing and storage device, liquid products, transport tanks, tank to sheet metal processing all kinds of pressure vessels and piping
3004: aluminum cans cans, require a higher strength than 3003 alloy parts, chemical products production and storage device, a sheet processing, processing of building, building tools, various lamps and lanterns parts
3105: the room partition, baffle, movable house board, gutter and downspout processing parts, sheet metal forming, bottle cap, bottle stopper
3A21: aircraft fuel tank, oil pipe, rivet wire, etc., building materials and food and other industrial equipment, etc.
5005: similar to the 3003 alloy, with moderate intensity and good corrosion resistance. Used as conductor, cooker, instrument panel, shell and building decoration

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