Ductile Iron casting parts


      First look at casting, casting a variety of classification: according to their different metal materials, divided into steel casting, iron castings, cast magnesium parts, cast titanium parts. Casting each according to their chemical composition or microstructure can be further divided into different types of organizations. Such as cast iron pieces can be divided into gray cast iron, compacted graphite cast iron, malleable iron, ductile iron castings, etc.; according to different methods of casting molding, casting can be divided into ordinary sand casting, metal mold casting, die casting, centrifugal casting, Continuous casting parts, investment castings, ceramic-type casting, remelting casting, double metal castings and so on. Among the most common application of sand casting, casting production accounting for about 80%. The aluminum, magnesium, zinc and other non-ferrous metal castings, mostly die-casting. Casting has excellent mechanical, physical properties, it can have a variety of strength, hardness, toughness with the overall performance, but also both one or more special properties, such as wear-resistant, high temperature and low temperature, corrosion-resistant . Perhaps a person is on the understanding of ductile iron casting products is out of practice, but as we are professionals, not that something like this it! But sometimes customers are also some confusion of the product, which we in this for the customer will also carry forward the majority of our products. Once again, we introduce some ductile iron casting information.

Ductile iron sand casting weight and size range is very wide, only a few grams of the lightest weight, most weight up to 400 tons, the thinnest wall thickness of 0.5 mm, the thickness of more than 1 meter length may be a few millimeters to ten A few meters, to meet the requirements of different industrial sectors. Ductile iron castings are high quality casting or sand casting. rational design, precision machining and improvement of the quality control of the Naomi pump with low vibration, low noise, high efficiency and high service life characteristics. This will not only extend the life of the pump, pump all the vulnerable parts with high quality products. and for the user to save the operation cost and maintenance costs.

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