Fence fence installation instructions

Fence fence installation instructions

1, fence before installation is usually civil has formed the delivery of brick or concrete pouring and tamping the lower base, guardrail can use mechanical expanding bolt, chemical screw inspection will of steel column base plate fixed in the central part of the lower foundation for linear uniform.
2, such as the walls of the lower base has not yet formed, it is recommended column steel liner increase length of pre buried in the wall, wall maintenance period immediately after the formal construction; or the pre embedded parts installation after the wall plane will column steel welding and embedded parts for welding, the characteristics of the second type is a bolt connection is firmer, but when the design must pay attention to a straight line and a horizontal line.
3, steel column spacing should be consistent in size and design, ensure the semi-finished products preassembled with connection.
4, in the distance to pull on the lower limit of two intact parallel lines for installation and adjustment of benchmark. Ensure the flatness of the upper and lower end of the installation of the fence.
5, the horizontal railing, adhere to the steel lining have in the factory installed set connection is completed, the supporting point of strengthening parts are installed in place, construction site only the rail horizontal lining and column connection can be fixed.

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