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Guole Precise Metals CO.LTD was reorganized on the basis of the former Shandong Foundry . 
Our management group members are young and energetic with vigorous awareness of innovation, advanced thoughts, rich professional knowledge and practical working styles. 
We have 6 business departments and 4 managing departments, they are comprehensive office, management department, accounting & financial department and property department. We also have subsidiary companies. 
Based on our Foundry 30 years production experience,Our business scope includes investment-casting, Sand Casting, lost-foam-casting shell-mold-casting ,Die Casting . 
The Product Line Includes: 
• Auto and machinery Parts 
• Building Materials 
• Backwater valves 
• malleable iron fittings, grooved fittings, grooved couplings, valves, cast iron fittings, ductile iron fittings, steel pipes and nipple couplings, stainless steel nipples, brass pipe nipples, cast bronze fittings, pipe hangers and supports, electric fittings, etc. 
pressure reducing valves and backflow preventers 
• Cleanouts 
• Construction machinary products 
• Cast Iron Products 
• C-PORT recycled rubber pipe supports 
• Fixture carriers 
• Floor, roof and area drains 
• Floor Sinks 
• Food Appliance Casting Parts 
• Gates, Fences And Ornamental Accessories 
• HVAC Products 
• Hydrant Fire Protection Products 
• Mechanical Parts 
• Manhole Cover and Gratings 
• Plumbing and Drainage Products 
• Grease, oil, solids, automatic recovery, specialty and large oil-water separators 
• Pipe markers and valve tags 
• Railway castings 
• Steel and plastic access doors 
• Trap seal primers and distribution units 
• Trench drains - steel, polypropylene, stainless steel and cast iron 
• Wall, ground, floor, yard and hot/cold hydrants 
• Water hammer arrestors

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