How to locate the different diameter flange


Different diameter flange corrosion, acid and alkali resistance using long life, the price reasonable calculation, smooth surface, acid and alkali resistance to high temperature, prices reasonable, beautiful appearance, texture properties of strong

The whole production process: professional forging, forging manufacturing etc.

Machining methods: high precision CNC lathe turning, ordinary lathe precision lathe, argon arc welding and other processing

Nominal pressure sch5s, sch10s, sch20s, sch30s, sch40s, etc.

Manufacturing standards: GB, American Standard, Russian standard, Japanese standard etc.

Material: 304316316L, 0Cr18Ni9321202, etc.

Application: widely used in water conservancy, electric power, power station, pipe fittings, industry, pressure vessel, etc.

Connection: flange nut, bolt connection.

Product technical standards and quality control: feed - physical and chemical - lower materials - hot forging - heat treatment - Inspection - gold processing - finished goods inspection - marking - finished goods inspection - marking - packing - typing - delivery


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