seamless elbow

What are the advantages and disadvantages of seamless elbow?

Seamless elbow will not cause corrosion, pitting, corrosion or wear in the piping system, seamless elbow pipe fitting to change the pipeline direction. According to the point of view, there are 45 DEG and 90 DEG to 180 DEG three most commonly used, also according to the need of the project also includes a 60 degree angle. Other non normal elbow elbow materials of cast iron stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, forging cast iron, nonferrous metals and plastics. And the pipe connection mode: welding (the most common way) flange connection, threaded connection and socket type connection. According to the production process can be divided into: welding elbow, elbow, elbow and other casting seamless pipe installation. In a common connection pipe for the pipe bend connection. Other names: 90 degree bend, bend, bend and love.

Seamless elbow applications: seamless elbow is widely used in petroleum, chemical, nuclear power plants, food manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, paper, medicine and other industries, in different industries have different use, in the industry to show the use of value.

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Seamless elbow and other performance comparison

First, the environmental protection: PE-RT can be recycled, do not pollute the environment. And PEX can not be recycled will produce two pollution;

Development trend of seamless elbow pipe: seamless elbow material not only has qualified the creep rupture curves and the pipe prices moderate, construction relative to other varieties of convenient, fast, connection form is at present the most reliable standard mutual hot melt connection form, pipe parts of the pore size greater than the inner diameter of the pipe with the same specification, in the system because there is no local necking of the mechanical connection, so system fluid resistance is relatively small.

Two, long-term compressive strength, only from the design stress, the standard seamless elbow pressure performance is the best. However, due to various factors, the actual wall thickness of the floor heating pipe is usually 2mm. And in this wall thickness of all kinds of pipes can meet the requirements of the floor heating, seamless elbow pipe pressure can not reflect the advantages;

Three, low temperature heat shock resistance: PE--RT and PEX low temperature impact performance is better. In winter construction, the pipe is not easy to be impacted and broken, and the flexibility of the construction arrangement is increased.


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